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Defender Morrill ist ein Mitglied der Ausgestoßene der Bruderschaft befindlich bei Bailey's Crossroads im Jahr 2277.


An accomplished fighter who's seen more action in more conflicts than he can comfortably remember, Morrill is a loyal Defender in Protector McGraw's service. He is in charge of patrolling the D.C. Metro Ruins and clearing the almost constant stream of super mutants that seek to overrun the Outcasts' small base of operations. Recently, super mutant activity has increased to such an extent that he has transmitted an emergency radio broadcast seeking assistance.[1]

He then stays outside the facility with the remaining Outcasts to defend against (periodic) attacks from the super mutants.

Interaktionen mit dem Spieler


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Dieser Charakter ist an Quests beteiligt.

Weitere Interaktionen

  • He will act casually towards a player wearing Outcast power armor, with more hostility otherwise.
  • It is possible Morrill may be killed en route to the outpost. This does not affect the player's ability to enter the outpost and speak to Sibley, and the quest will proceed normally.


Kleidung Waffen Weitere Gegenstände im Todesfall
Outcast power armor
Outcast power helmet


Defender Morrill kommt nur in dem Fallout 3 Add-On Operation: Anchorage vor.

Hinter den Kulissen

Mitglieder der Ausgestoßenen sind Sibley, Olin, McGraw und Morrill, all of whom appear in the Operation: Anchorage Add-On for Fallout 3, appear to be named after buildings on the campus of Cornell University, including Sibley Hall, Olin Hall, Olin Library, McGraw Hall, McGraw Tower and Morrill Hall.


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