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Für a overview of machete models in Fallout games, siehe Machete.
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FertigkeitNahkampfwaffen 25
Stärke ben.3
14 (19.3)
40.7 (90)
Krit. Schd.
2.9 (4.7)AP20
Einhand-Nahkampfwaffen NotreparaturNotreparatur
Base ID000ce569 (Standard)
00176e59 (Boones)
00167685 (Gladiator)

Die Machete ist eine Waffe in Fallout: New Vegas.


The machete appears to be a make-shift weapon, and consists of a lawn mower blade strapped to a wooden handle. It is the primary melee weapon of Caesar's Legion. Besides having a low Strength requirement it also does bonus limb damage, making it a good melee weapon for intermediate players. Holding down the attack button causes the player to swing it around and up at their target.

Additionally, the player has access to the Back Slash V.A.T.S. attack, which costs 16 AP to use (compared to the normal 20) but only inflicts 70% of the machete's normal damage. Unusually for melee weapons, there is no Melee Skill requirement to use this attack.


  • Machete gladius
  • Liberator
  • Broad machete Fnv-tribalpackblog1 (1).jpg


  • A machete can be found in the Abandoned shack N-NW of the Yangtze Memorial.
  • One can be obtained by talking to Caesar after returning from the vault under The Fort.
  • If you choose to kill Benny by dueling him in the arena, you can obtain a machete from his body.
  • One is automatically given to you when dueling in the arena, and it can be kept if you don't have one already.
  • You can find one in a pile of ashes near a dead body inside of Nipton, by a trailer on the right side of the street, along with a set of Caesar's Legion armor.
  • Legion assassins will also carry them.
  • Various Freeside thugs can be found carrying them.
  • A unique variant, Liberator, is carried by the Legion Decanus Dead Sea at Nelson.
  • There is one in the yard of the New California Republic Correctional Facility, stuck and left in an overturned bench.


  • A larger version of the machete can be found at The Fort which is being sharpened by a Legion Blacksmith. However when picked up and used it will turn back to the normal size.
  • The machete will sometimes be considered a Quest Item for Legion quests such as during Laurifer Gladiator. This may be a permanent effect.
  • This weapon can be used for the Gun Runners' Arsenal (Add-On) challenge Armed For Bear.
Klammern () zeigen einzigartige Waffen Varianten an, kursiv bedeutet Waffen aus Add-Ons, * bedeutet Versteckte Waffe.