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Für das Fallout Tactics Merkmal, siehe Leuchtender (Merkmal).
Glowing one
VariantenWilder Ghul
Streunender wilder Ghul
Plündernder wilder Ghul
Ewiger Wanderer
Feral trooper ghoul
Glowing trooper ghoul
Vault dweller
Vault security officer
The glowing one mumbles something and is then silent. He is drooling uncontrollably.

Leuchtende oder luminous necrotic post-humans sind Ghule, die so viel Strahlung absorbieren, dass sie im Dunkeln leuchten. Sie sind bis zu dem Punkt lebende Leiter der Strahlung geworden, dass die Strahlung nicht nur ihre Wunden heilt sondern auch von ihnen freigesetzt werden kann. Sie werden meistens sogar von anderen Ghoulen als Außenseiter angesehen. Leuchtende geben Strahlung ab, deswegen sind sie für normale Menschen selbst nach ihrem Tod gefährlich.


A glowing one is a unique feral ghoul that has become a living conduit of radiation.

While there are many glowing ones that kept their normal human intellectual abilities in the Core Region, it seems that nearly all of them in the Ödland der Hauptstadt and the Mojave-Ödland have become wild. One notable exception is Jason Bright at the REPCONN-Testgelände.

The Capital Wasteland glowing ones can emit a wave of radiation at will from their bodies, which they use to heal themselves and any surrounding ghouls while damaging their enemies. They are the alpha males of the feral ghouls and others seem to follow them, as they are attracted to the lethal doses of radiation the glowing ones emit from their bodies.

In the ghoul settlement of Necropolis in the Core Region, the glowing ones lived in the remains of Vault 12, and there was an animosity between them and the "normal" ghouls led by Set, who inhabited the ruins of the town. After Necropolis was overrun by the Super Mutante, the glowing ones who left the town lived much more harmoniously with the other ghouls (not to mention normal Mensche und Super Mutante).

There appear to be several glowing ones in the nuclear plant in Gecko, working in the reactor area, most notably Hank. If the Auserwählter fixes the reactor's radiation leak, the ghouls in the plant (not just the glowing ones), will comment on how the plant feels "chilly".

In the Underworld, the doctor of The Chop Shop seems to be using glowing ones as a method to heal the ghoul population. He has two of them, Meat and Ethyl, locked in a pen next to the clinic. They can not be visited without the use of console commands.

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In Los, the glowing ghouls are among the members of the Church of the Lost, a ghoul cult dedicated to protection of the Secret Vault. Interestingly, they are less affected by radiation than their comrades from the Capital Wasteland and the West Coast's Core Region.

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