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Lager der Großkhane
Lager der Großkhane
Teil vonQuarry Junction
QuestsDon't Make a Beggar of Me
Oh My Papa
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Das Lager der Großkhane ist ein Ort im Mojave-Ödland. Located south-east of the Makeshift Great Khan Camp and West of Quarry Junction, it is used to overlook Quarry Junction by the Great Khans.


Es gibt zwei selbstgebaute Betten aus Pappe, die der Kurier benutzen kann. Wenn man aus Bonnie Springs oder von der Vault 19 kommt, könnte man 5-8 Todeskrallen begegnen.



  • Reaching this location can be extremely difficult, for Deathclaws will usually spawn near it, making it almost impossible for low level characters to make it to the encampment.

Verbundene Quests


Lager der Großkhane kommt in Fallout: New Vegas vor.


  • xbox360Icon xbox360 pcIcon pc ps3Icon ps3 white There is a metal box that is difficult to reach due to a invisible wall next to the cliff wall, and even if you somehow get around the invisible wall (traveling around the cliff and thus around the wall), the metal box is empty anyway. If you go into third-person and look at the box at an angle it is possible to reach, however stated previously it is empty. If you use fast travel you may be stuck behind this wall, impossible to get out of there.
  • ps3Icon ps3 white Sometimes a deathclaw may be next to the makeshift beds and completely ignores the player and the Great Khans.
  • if a deathclaw follows you to the encampment on your way up, it will spawn there every time you fast travel there even if you killed it.the khans cannot kill the deathclaw so they will almost always be killed by it, failing the quests.this will happen even after clearing out the quarry.
  • pcIcon pc When climbing the nearby rocks, you may fall into them. At that point you must load a previous save, as you can't fast travel or jump in that position.
  • xbox360Icon xbox360 It is possible that loading a save from this location may cause many of your reputations to disappear from the Pip-Boy list, and making the effected factions hostile. This may have been caused by a faction armor related glitch, or Quarry Junction.


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