Kane ist der Leibwächter und die rechte Hand von Decker um 2161.


The Underground's second most powerful man, Kane's intimidating presence is usually stationed at the door to the basement. Like many hired hands in a bar that do not handle the mixing of drinks, Kane's primary job was to serve as a warning: any misbehavior is not tolerated. However, more importantly, Kane forms the first line of defense for his boss, the local crime lord Decker.

Decker, who holds court in the basement of the Maltese Falcon, has been having trouble from both sides of the law: Hub Police deputy Tony Fry is known to be gunning for the crime lord, and merchants such as Daren Hightower want the Underground out of the way for better business dealings.

Unlike the relatively stable antagonism in Junktown, allegiances and politics shift rapidly in the Hub, and former noncombatants, strangers, and even allies often quickly became threats. This is particularly prevalent in the face of Decker's plans for expanding his "empire". Kane's installation was a matter of practical self-preservation.

Interaktionen mit dem Spielercharakter

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Kleidung Waffen Weitere Gegenstände im Todesfall



Nennenswerte Zitate

  • "I don't think you understood me. Let me clarify. If you don't watch your manners, you will find yourself dead, tough gal."
  • "Don't touch that door, if you want to live. I'm the only one that can open that door."
  • "I'm sure you're familiar with our sort of business, so let me just say it would be in your best interest to keep this to yourself. Shall we?"
  • "No, let me clarify--if you don't watch it, I'll be wearing your ass for a shoe." - Vault Dweller
  • "That's a secret you'll be taking to the grave. Decker will never talk to a skag like you."


Kane kommt nur in dem Original Fallout vor.

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