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Für eine Übersicht von Varianten der Kampfrüstung in allen Spielen, als auch Hintergrundinformation, siehe Kampfrüstung.


Die Kampfrüstung ist ein Teil der Kampfrüstung in Fallout und Fallout 2.


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Combat armor is the epitome of non-powered armor in the wastes, and was much favored by police and military forces for their outstanding durability coupled with their high level of maneuverability. The armor itself consists of a large chest plate and helmet constructed out of high-level defensive polymers. It's highly effective armor for medium level player characters, as it provides good resistance against small arms fire, laser beams and blasts of plasma energy alike.

Combat armor also grants the wearer +20 Radiation Resistance. Interestingly, this is not documented anywhere in or out of the game.



Ort auf der Karte Beschreibung
The Hub - Old Town Sold by Jake
The Glow Locker in the Secure Testing Labs.
Boneyard Sold by Zack
Boneyard Found on Chris Avellone corpse
Boneyard On the body of a Gun Runner guarding the outside of the factory
Cathedral Locker in the Los Angeles Vault Level 2
Lost Hills Given to you if you request equipment

Fallout 2

Ort auf der Karte Beschreibung
Vault 15 Footlocker in the Living Quarters.
Vault 13 Supply room locker.
Sierra Army Depot Locker in the Barracks, level one.
Sierra Army Depot Locker in the High security armoury, level two.
Sierra Army Depot Locker in the High security armoury, level two.
Navarro Locker in the workshop, near Quincy.

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