J.E. Sawyer's Fallout Role-Playing Game ist ein Fallout Tabletop Rollenspiel, welches von J.E. Sawyer erstellt wurde, einer der Macher von Van Buren, Black Isle's abgebrochenes Fallout 3, und der Hauptdesigner und Projektdirektor von Fallout: New Vegas. It was started on October 23, 2004 (exactly 73 years before the Great War). Just like us, J.E. used a wiki, but one in which only he could edit pages.

Abdeckung in diesen Wiki

While Sawyer no longer works at Interplay and the game is non-canon, it includes details about factions, locations and other plot elements from Van Buren, such as Caesar's Legion and Hecate, therefore such information may be considered semi-canon, just like Van Buren leaks, as long as it doesn't contradict further canon sources. During Van Buren development, Sawyer was responsible for the New Canaan and Burham Springs design documents and a document called "Josh's ULYSSES part 2", mentioned in the Boulder design document.


Hauptartikel: Simple

The game's character system is called "Simple". It is a simplified version of SPECIAL without the Luck statistic. It includes perks originally designed for Van Buren.

The system is not finished, not professional, and the author makes no claims that it is great or even good.

J.E. Sawyer's wiki for the system is not online anymore, but all of its contents were transferred to Fallout PnP Vault, a sister project of Nukapedia.

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