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Diese Seite listet alle Sekundäre Statistiken in Fallout 2.



Sekundäre Statistik Beschreibung Abgeleitet von Anfangswert
Aktionspunkte The amount of actions your character can take during a combat turn. Beweglichkeit (AG / 2) + 5 ¹
Rüstungsklasse How good your character is at avoiding being hit in combat. Beweglichkeit AG
Gewichtslimit The maximum amount of equipment your character can carry, in pounds. Stärke (ST + 1) * 25
Critical Chance Chance to cause a Critical Hit. Glück (LK) %
Schadensresistenz Any damage taken is reduced by this amount. - 0
Heilungsrate How many Trefferpunkte you heal at the end of each day. Ausdauer EN / 3 (min. 1)
Trefferpunkte How much damage your character can take before dying. Ausdauer
15 + (2* EN) + ST
Nahkampfschaden Amount of bonus damage in hand-to-hand combat. Stärke ST - 5 (min. 1)
Party Limit The number of followers your character can have. Charisma CH / 2 ¹
Perk Rate How many levels must pass before your character gains another perk. - 3
Giftresistenz Reduces any poison damage by this amount. Ausdauer (EN * 5) %
Strahlungsresistenz Amount of radiation your character is exposed to is reduced by this amount. Ausdauer (EN * 2) %
Reaktion Determines how soon in a combat turn your character can react. Wahrnehmung PE * 2
Skill Rate How many skill points your character gains per level. Intelligenz IN * 2 + 5 ²

¹ Rounded down

² Skill Rate without taking gifted trait. If gifted is taken it then is IN * 2. You lose 5 skill points with gifted trait.