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Diese Seite listet alle Primäre Statistiken in Fallout 2.


The minimum for each primary statistic is 1 and the maximum is 10. These boundaries can never be broken, even with bonuses or maluses. Each statistic directly modifies certain derived statistics. In addition, every skill is tied to a primary statistic. Some perks require certain minimum attribute values as well.

You get 40 points to distribute among the 7 statistics when creating a character (not taking traits into account).


Primäre Statistik Beschreibung Sekundäre Statistiken und Effekte Associated skills
Stärke Raw physical strength. Gewichtslimit
Thrown weapons range modifier
Nahkampfwaffen, Unbewaffnet
Wahrnehmung The ability to see, hear and taste and notice unusual things. Dialogue options
Distance from enemies in random encounters
Ranged combat distance modifiers
Arzt, Erste Hilfe, Dietrich, Fallen
Ausdauer Stamina and physical toughness. Heilungsrate
Charisma A combination of appearance and charm. NPC reactions
Party limit
Feilschen, Sprache
Intelligenz Knowledge, wisdom and the ability to think quickly. Dialogue options
skill points per level
Arzt, Erste Hilfe, Naturbursche, Reparieren, Wissenschaft
Beweglichkeit Coordination and the ability to move well. Aktionspunkte
Große Waffen, Energiewaffen, Dietrich, Nahkampfwaffen, Kleine Waffen, Schleichen, Steal, Wurfwaffen, Traps, Unbewaffnet
Glück Fate, Karma. Chances with the virtual dice of the game
Critical Chance

Increasing attributes

You can get a computer in the Brotherhood outpost in San Francisco to perform operations on you to raise Stärke, Wahrnehmung, Charisma and Intelligenz by 1, provided you find the associated memory modules.

In addition, you can increase all S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats by using the Gain (Statistic) perk.

Wearing Power Armor raises your Stärke by 3 and Advanced Power Armor (normal and Mk II) raise by 4.

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