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Elektrisches Kochfeld ist das Gegenstück eines Lagerfeuer in den Fallout: New Vegas Add-Ons Dead Money und Old World Blues.


Wie Lagerfeuer können elektrische Kochfelder verwendet werden um Essen zu kochen und Drogen, Heilmittel und andere herstellbare Gegenstände zu machen. Die meisten elektrischen Kochfelder sind in den intakten Gebäuden im Sierra Madre zu finden, jedoch können weitere auch an unterschiedlichen Orten in Big MT gefunden werden. Meistens liegen in der Nähe der elektrischen Kochfelder ein paar Zutaten für die Herstellung.


Dead Money

  • Villa - Northeast of Father Elijah's fountain, go into the building with the hologram vendor. Go upstairs, go through the door to the west, walk west out of the door and into a room where you will find one on the counter.
  • Villa - West of Father Elijah's fountain, north of the hologram control terminal 01 after the arch.
  • Medical District - in a building northeast of the northern Villa Clinic entrance, go up the stairs, and walk across the roof.
  • Villa Polizeistation - In the kitchen area, which is immediately visible when entering from the west-most entrance.
  • Residential District - South of the entrance.
  • Puesta del Sol South - In the ruined cafe - Behind the bar on the ground floor.
  • Salida del Sol South - Turn south from the entrance, climb up the stairs, and walk south along the roof until you come across an arch bridging the gap between the roof and a hole on the wall of the opposite building.
  • Salida del Sol South - In a room on the south side of the area. The staircase is directly across from a wall in the corner with a hole blown out of the 2nd floor.
  • Cantina Madrid - On a long bench top in the kitchen.
  • Vorstands-Suiten - In the kitchen area.

Old World Blues

  • The Sink - In the eastern room between the fridge and the Biological research station.
  • Elijah's Watch - On the deck, next to a cutting board and a satellite tower.
  • X-13 research facility - In the observation area above the infiltration testing area.
  • X-22 botanical garden - Next to the Sink Project: Biological Research Station Holotape.


Electric hot plates appear only in the Fallout: New Vegas Add-Ons Dead Money und Old World Blues.