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Das Camp McCarran Terminalgebäude ist ein Ort im Mojave-Ödland, es ist Teil des Camp McCarran.


The Camp McCarran terminal building is very large, housing a science lab, an interrogation room, supply rooms as well as quarters and office space for senior New California Republic (NCR) officers.

The terminal has three entrances, all of which lead to the main lobby and are accessible from the interior of Camp McCarran. The terminal foyer contains rows of non-operating slot machines in front of the reception desk, and a military aircraft hanging overhead with escalators on either side leading to the second floor and concourse. Sometimes there will be bottle caps located around the slot machines.

To the east, Colonel Hsu can be found in his office. Nearby is the OSI lab, with Doctors Thomas Hildern and Angela Williams. To the west is the office of Capt. Ronald Curtis.

Upstairs, the player can find Lt. Carrie Boyd and the detention center on the right. The monorail to the Station Las Vegas Boulevard and New Vegas Strip is to the left. The pre-War monorail is still fully functional and allows quick and safe transport between the camp and the New Vegas Strip. However, only military personnel and VIP's are allowed to use it. The Courier will be allowed to use the monorail if they wear an NCR uniform or have good reputation with the NCR.

The Concourse houses a recreation area of sorts, with a mess hall and kitchen and dozens of non-operating slot machines. One of the hallways leads to the Camp McCarran Vorratsschuppen run by Daniel Contreras and a exit to the outside.

The perimeter of the base features sentry towers, and the control tower.

Lohnende Beute

Upstairs next to the interrogation room, there is a box in the jail with an MP confiscated goods footlocker that requires a lockpick skill of 100 to open. Contained inside is Prügeln aktuell, 2 doctor's bags, Dietrich & Du, Mentats, Patriotenkochbuch, a Super Stimpak, and ¡La Fantoma!. After completing the NCR missions, you will be given the key to the trunk and you can open it that way rather than picking the lock.


  • The actual usefulness of the monorail is situational, it is almost always more efficient to simply fast travel to Nordtor des Strips or away from the strip to the exterior of Camp McCarran.


Camp McCarran Terminalgebäude kommt nur in Fallout: New Vegas vor.