Ardin Buckner
Fo2 Ardin Buckner
RolleBuckner Haus Besitzer
OrtBuckner Haus, Klamath
FamilieTorr Buckner - Sohn
Maida Buckner - Tochter
VorkommenFallout 2
QuestsRescue Smiley the Trapper

Ardin Buckner ist der Kopf der Buckner Familie in 2241.


Ardin is a very fit and vivacious woman in her early fifties. She is the strong willed woman in charge of the Buckner family of Klamath. She runs a combined bar, hostel and shop, the Buckner House, in addition to a brahmin herd, which are the sources of her income. She is friends with many of the town's residents, including Whiskey Bob, who always seems to have some hooch available.

She has two children - Maida and Torr Buckner, who help her in running the business, one with her refined merchant's sense and the other with sheer physical prowess (despite his rather limited intellectual aptitude) - and was looking to form a permanent relationship with Smiley the Trapper, but before she could finalize it, he went missing in the Toxic Caves.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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Sonstige Interaktionen

  • Ardin provides some information on Klamath and its denizens. If the player does Rustle the brahmin quest for the Duntons, she will also be worried about Torr, who went missing in the canyon west of town. Obviously, if the player allows either Smiley or Torr to die (or kills them purposefully), she will be devastated.


Kleidung Waffen Weitere Gegenstände im Todesfall
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  • Originally, the player was supposed to be able to expose the Dunton rustling scheme, but it was cut before release.


Ardin Buckner erscheint nur in Fallout 2.

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