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Für eine Übersicht der 5.56-mm-Patrone in verschiedenen Fallout Spielen, siehe 5,56-mm-Patrone.
Für eine Übersicht der .223 Munitionstypen in verschiedenen Fallout Spielen, siehe .223-Patrone.


Die 5,56-mm-Patrone ist ein Typ der Munition in Fallout: New Vegas vor.


The 5.56mm round, a high velocity small caliber rifle cartridge, is a general-purpose round for all guns, spanning the entire game's arsenal, from the early varmint rifle to the light machine gun. 5.56mm is common, light, cheap, easy to make, and is considered one of two "small rifle" cartridges, the other being 5mm.

Waffen die diese Munition verwenden


Standard and match hand load 5.56mm rounds can be crafted at a Nachladebank. A single cartridge requires the following ingredients:

Blei (12)
Zündhütchen, Kleines Gewehr (1)
5.56mm round (1)
Blei (14)
Zündhütchen, Kleines Gewehr (1)
5.56mm, match (hand load) (1)


Breaking down a standard 5.56mm round yields:

5.56mm round (3)
Blei (10)
Zündhütchen, Kleines Gewehr (1)


5,56 mm, panzerbrechend

Armor-piercing rounds are designed for punching through armor plating. For this purpose they have a greatly strengthened case with a specially hardened and shaped nose. Due to the high muzzle velocity and penetrative properties of the round, damage to the target is slightly reduced. However, they can be rather hard to find, and vendors almost never have more than 200 in stock at any given time.

5,56 mm, Hohlspitz

Hollow point bullets mushroom and break up on impact, causing massive trauma on fleshy, un-armored targets. However, this also means they break up when they hit things like armor plate, drastically reducing the weapon's penetrating power.

5,56mm, Überschuss

Surplus ammunition is poor grade ammunition made in large quantities by using corrosive materials in their construction. The resulting product is a slightly more damaging round at the cost of more regular maintenance on a firearm due to the damaging corrosive materials used in the round's construction. This ammunition is usually much cheaper than regular ammunition, and comes in bulk packaging.

5,56mm, match

Introduced with the Gun Runners' Arsenal Add-On, match ammunition is precision-made so that every bullet has the same powder, shape, and weight. Match ammunition is often used in tournaments, sight alignment, and sniping. This ammunition type is given a slight damage boost and a significant reduction in the weapons spread. It requires the Hand Loader perk to craft.


A common commercial hunting round designed for civilian use, most commonly used in hunting small to mid-sized game. This ammunition does less damage, due to lower internal pressure, resulting in less stopping power. These rounds tend to put less stress on the chamber, resulting in better weapon durability. .223 ammunition can be bought in bulk from vendors. Prior to patch, these rounds had a -8 DT effect.


MunitionstypMunitionstyp- MunitionstypStreuungsmodifikatorStreuungsmodifikator- Waffenstreuung Modifikator
SchadensmodifikatorSchadensmodifikator- Waffen Schaden ModifikatorBonuseffektBonuseffekt- Mun. Bonuseffekte
Schadensschwelle ModifikatorSchadensschwelle Modifikator- Ziel Schadensschwelle ModifikatorHerstellbarHerstellbar- Munition ist herstellbar
ZustandsstrafeZustandsstrafe- Waffen Zustand ModifikatorProzentuale Wahrscheinlichkeit für leere HülseProzentuale Wahrscheinlichkeit für leere Hülse- Prozentuale Wahrscheinlichkeit für leere Hülse oder Zelle/Pack/Tank
MunitionstypMunitionstyp SchadensmodifikatorSchadensmodifikator Schadensschwelle ModifikatorSchadensschwelle Modifikator ZustandsstrafeZustandsstrafe StreuungsmodifikatorStreuungsmodifikator HerstellbarHerstellbar Prozentuale Wahrscheinlichkeit für leere HülseProzentuale Wahrscheinlichkeit für leere Hülse
5,56-mm-Patrone, Standardx 1x 1x 1x 1yesyes35% Chance
.223 Remingtonx 0.9x 1x 0.8x 1nono0% Chance
5,56-mm-Patrone, Panzerbrechendx 0.95- 15x 1x 1nono35% Chance
5,56-mm-Patrone, Überschussx 1.15x 1x 3x 1nono15% Chance
5,56-mm-Patrone, Match (handgeladen) fnvgraFNVGRAx 1.15x 1x 1x 0.65yesyes35% Chance
5,56-mm-Patrone, Hohlspitzx 1.75x 3x 1x 1nono35% Chance


  • Traveling merchants commonly sell .223 and 5.56 rounds.
  • Vendortron at the Gun Runners' kiosk.
  • Cliff Briscoe at the Novac gift shop.
  • Quartermaster Bardon may sell around 2000 .223 rounds from time to time.
  • Most NCR troopers carry some 5.56 rounds.
  • There are two boxes of surplus 5.56 rounds at the end of the trench at The Fort
  • Alexander at the 188 trading post usually sells these rounds.
  • Sunny Smiles will give the Courier around 160 rounds if asked about surviving in the desert.
  • Most merchants who deal in weapons will have some 5.56 rounds in their inventory.