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• 7m

Fallout 4/76’s story already planned during the creation of Fallout 3?

The Replicated Man quest (which is about a representative from the Institute retrieving an early synth from the Capital Wasteland, it also involves the Railroad by name) suggests that Bethesda already had the idea of Fallout 4 and the Institute planned when writing Fallout 3’s side quests. After doing a new play through of 3, I also realized that vault 76 (main vault of Disaster 76 if you’ve lived under a rock) is listed as being in the DC region when reading the list of vaults included in the Vault-Tec terminal in the Citadel.
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• 42m

/d User Personas and the Mental Image they Evoke

Undoubtedly the Fallout Wikia's /d is a unique one to say the least. Over the 3 or so years on here, many strange, glorious, and fruitful events and posts have come and gone. All of these of course done by the people; without some key users this place would be rather bland.
Nowadays the Golden Age is gone (that being my subjective Golden Age, the period between late 2016 to early 2017), and many of it's users (but not all) are of the past. Yet, those who have stuck to my memory evoke images, moments and characters depending upon their actions and words: Writers (Laat, CourierNCR, RGI, so on) all evoke respected, almost scholarly figures. Adminship and moderators paint a grand, powerful and fearsome painting of an enforcer. Even the "Jesters" like Swedish and Jack (no offense bbys luv yalls) give a, well, jesterlike image of the sorts, minus the major harlequin features.
Basically, what I'm saying is, are there any characteristics and imagery you associate with the members of the wikia? High and mighty? Low and trivial? (Actually not that one, try not to be rude) Don't outwardly mention someone unless they request in the comments. Just tell me I'm not the only one who associates users as such?
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• 42m

Looking for brick wall plans

If you have brick wall plans and are interested in selling them, please let me know. I am on Xbox.
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• 43m

Do deathclaws evolve or something?

Ok ok so i tamed a deathclaw on fo4 and at first it was just called “savage deathclaw”. It was all grey and missing a horn. I came back a week (in game) later and next thing i know it was red and blue, had two horns, and was labeled “chameleon deathclaw”. So do they change as they level up or something?
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• 45m


Does anyone have a fix for the 'Defend the Castle' glitch that no other waves spawn in in order to complete it. Currently the only fix I've been able to research was to start a new save, let's just say I'm losing my patience
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• 1h

A House Divided

I’m having and issue where I get up to the laser gate that stands between me and the Bioscience Observation Room, I insert the holotape into the terminal and can issue every command except for opening the damn door. Is this something I can’t fix because I can’t complete this quest since my last save I can go back to before this mission is sending me all the way back to Vault 111.
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• 2h

New vegas vs 4

So the more popular opinion is new vegas is the best, but I'm willing to bet there are still a few people that might prefer 4 more overall

A case could be made that 4 is more of an fps but doesn't that bring in a whole bunch more fans to the series also new vegas had quite a lot of broken quests what do you think ?

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• 3h

The Witcher 3 Is Fucking Great

I know, this is the wrong Wiki for that, but the Witcher /D is terrible (though I've heard the Witcher's D is pretty great).

Anyways, as this title of this post already might have betrayed, I'm writing to tell you all that the Witcher 3 is Fucking Great.

"Now, why is that?" I hear you think. Or sense you think. Not sure.

But it doesn't matter, as I shall tell you anyways.

First and foremost, there's so much stuff to do! Like, damn, it's a lot. And not "Hey go clean this area of the map, will you? Oh, great, job well done, now go clear this area of the map!" type of content, no boring, monotonous grinding and killing without any story behind it, but well thought out quests, no two missions will ever feel the same, you'll always feel like you're actually doing something that helps people, rather than feeling like you're just being kept busy.

So, the quests are just amazing, and there's a lot of them, and they're unique and fun and great and I'm way too enthusiastic about the game.

Then there's just the story, which is wonderful too. There's loss and love and more loss and more love. But, there's also the more hilarious parts to it, and the happy parts, and the parts that make you feel al fuzzy and warm inside.

The combat's pretty swell too.

And, of course, Gwent, which completely confused me in the beginning (not unlike Caravan, that I sadly never managed to get into), but ended up being my prime focus in the game for quite some time. (For those who don't know, Gwent is a card game in the Witcher 3, and Caravan one from Fallout: New Vegas).

Then there's the DLC/Expansion Packs. Whereas Hearts of Stone is quite fun and has quite the amazing story, Blood and Wine surpasses it in almost all aspects. I fucking love this expansion, it's so fucking great. The new region is just stunningly beautiful, and I absolutely love the whole Mediterranean atmosphere. Unlike the main game and Hearts of Stone, I haven't finished this one yet (nor do I hope I will any time soon) but it's already so wonderful.

There's lots of new mechanics added, and the entire region is incredibly exciting. It actually got me as hyped up as when I first started the main game, which was pretty great.

There's so much to do, the music is great (much better than the main game's one, I think), and, greater than all other changes you get your own estate! A mansion! A house with land and vineyards and stables and a greenhouse and a garden and it's bloody (and winey) perfect!

The whole thing just feels incredibly right, and I have to say that the atmosphere really contributes to that. It's much better than all the Northern European shitholes I'd been exploring thusfar. Not just in this game, actually, but also in Skyrim, a game I loved too, but which atmosphere wasn't all that great. I liked it, but it's not really my taste. Maybe a little overplayed.

Whereas the France/Italy lovebaby that is Toussaint is refreshing and much more beautiful.

So, if any of you Heathens haven't played this game yet, go buy it or be burned for the glory of the Eternal Fire. (Fuck those guys though, try to kill anyone affiliated with the Eternal Fire that you can get your hands on.

Ps. If any of you who played the games already spoil Blood and Wine for me I'll unfollow you on Facebook.
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• 3h

Which character build should I make next (Fallout 4)

  • Enclave Soldier
  • NCR Ranger Veteran
  • Outcast Defender
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• 4h

Who the hell is Burke?

So I finally decided to do the main quest. I walk into Moriarty's Saloon and he says "These arrived for you while you were gone. Im not a fucking post office ya know". I got 2 letters. Both title Love Letter From Burke. Ive never met anyone named Burke...I think. Does this happen with the male character too. Or just female?
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• 4h

Worst Bethesda Game Glitch

What glitch did you really hate in any Bethesda game? Mine would be that you can't marry Serana in Skyrim Dawnguard.

But seriously, I think it's when textures don't load correctly.

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• 4h

So how do you guys think the children of atom survive the rads?

I say it’s the spaghetti strainers they wear.
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• 5h

76 Not What I Expected

This post wont be to everyone's liking as im sure there are many who enjoy fallout 76 but I personally found it to be quite disappointing. Anyone else feel the same?
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• 5h

Fallout 76 Nuke codes

I have got 7 Nuke codes what do I do with them.
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• 5h

Sentry Bots

Is anyone else having a hard time with sentry bots? In FO3, NV, and FO4 they were tough but they seem stronger in 76. I run a melee build with rifles as a secondary and can't seem to contend with them. Any tips? I found a legendary in the world and couldn't bring him down, I'm level 65.
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• 7h

Synth ghouls?

Do you think gen 3 synths could ever “ go ghoul”?
If not why? I don’t think they are immune to radiation and they already don’t age.
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• 8h

Raider Power Armor

I'm level twelve right now and I'm working up to level 15. I've been searching for where Raider Power Armor sets would be but so far I can't find any at the spots where they should be. Does anyone know where I could find some? As in sure-fire it should be there. I'm on X-Box one for this seeing as my computer can barely handle Fallout 4.
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• 8h

So how about that Saints v Rams game huh...

Smh 🤦 refs are so blind. Nuff said
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• 9h

Stability mods Windows 10

Are there any stability mods for fallout 3 to stop the random freezing on win10. Totally not cool for Bethesda not to have it at least playable on anything other than dual core processer
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• 11h

My Fallout 76 alter ego

Let me introduce you to Vaedervax (the clown in the picture)

With mudd on her face, Vaedervax enjoys the wastelands emptiness and lack of human race.
She thrives on explosion and powerful Guns.
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