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Question regarding Lifegiver perk

Is the perk regerating ability works in Survival? I'm rocking a stealth build.
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• 3h

Someone explain please

I get a notification that someone has upvoted my post about Valentines Day, but when I go to look at it, it brings me to the website. All is normal, until I look at the comments...
Mind if I kindly ask, what?
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• 4h

Companion royale

In a fight between all companions from all games who would win?
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• 4h

Whats the most popular fallout 3 power armor (based off looks)

  • Brotherhood T45d/Standard/Prototype Medic
  • Outcast t45d
  • Enclave Tesla Armor
  • Tribal/Ashurs Power Armor
  • T51b Winterized/T51b standard
  • Enclave Armor
  • Hellfire Armor
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• 4h

The weirdest interactions

I just had the oddest reaction on this game. I was up north trying to defend this random guys base and accidentally hit his wall, I'm now wanted but I know he's close. All I wanted was to die and get the wanted level away, but the thing is he wouldn't attack. He was too nice. I attacked him taunted him and he told me where to find caps, then he comes back from repairing and I shoot him with a 50 cal and he says yea those things are fun and walks away. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH HIM?!? I literally was Giving him 20 caps and his loot and all I wanted was to die. I just left the server cuz he was too nice! Ugh I gotta go find some asshole to come and kill me, maybe I'll just go play skyrim.....
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• 5h

Combat armor

I would like to hear people's thoughts on how good of an armor this would be in todays world. Like how strong is it and how good would it be able to protect it's wearer
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• 6h

Grinding spots

Im a level 11 player with weak weapons looking for a spot to grind for XP. Thank you to anyone who gives me some info!
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• 6h

Immersive gameplay

Wondering how I should level out my characters perks.

So far I maxed out lead belly to completely remove all radiation damage from eating and drinking and maxed out armorer and gun nut.

Working on leveling out demolition expert but after that I'm at a loss.

Any immersive players have any opinions on what I should do next?
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• 6h


Fallout weapons

whats your favorite fallout assault rifle/carbine
  • Assault Carbine/Assault Carbine GRA
  • Marksman Carbine/All American
  • Chinese Assault Rifle/Assault Rifle (fallout 3)
  • Service Rifle/Survivalist Rifle
  • Bozar/Light Machine Gun
  • Battle Rifle GRA/This Machine
  • Infiltrator/Perforator
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• 8h

Wasteland What-Ifs #14

What If: The Scorched Plague was never developed?

Premise: Before the Great War, pharmaceutical company Arktos Pharma works on a secret project at their facility near Morgantown, West Virginia. Following severe budget cuts, the facility is closed down and it's projects are terminated. In general, how would Appalachia be different without the threat of the Scorched Plague? How would the factions interact with another having not been wiped out?

Key Notes:
•No real date restrictions, just set after 2077.
•The experiments that inadvertently created the Scorchbeasts will still have occurred but they will not be infected with the plague. So it's up to you whether or not they're still a danger or a manageable threat.

Back when I first thought up the idea for the series I had planned on including a poll in each episode where you could vote on who's what-if scenario was the best on the last episode, but I never did it. I plan on adding that now, however I'm still trying to choose between using strawpoll or fandom poll, or just tally counting from responses. Each has their own pros and cons, so I've got to think on it.
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• 14h

Belly of the beast

Hey everyone. I'm having a really hard time doing this quest. I have already tried soloing it twice, with power armor and lots of stimpacks and ammo. I don't want to spoil, but I got hacked both times losing precious time and resources. Is there anyone who can help with tips, or can actually team up with me in-game? I'm lvl 30
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• 18h

Questions For The Wiki #438

Does it bother anybody else that cars are so exclusive in the Wasteland? Like I get that America couldn’t change over to renewable power fast enough but like the NCR should totally be able to manufacture some cars. And I’ve head the argument that there’s no need for them, but that doesn’t make any sense like how would a car not be necessary? You could bring troops back and fourth faster, ships good faster, and do anything faster!
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• 18h

Trending Today, Hot in the City

Between the workweek slump and Valentines Day, it was a slow afternoon around here. Hopefully yall all found "companions" to romance and had time to enjoy some late night questing.

"I don't know about weirdest memory, but I used to have a weird tradition of getting JICCs (Just In Case Chocolates) every year in case someone asked me to be their Valentine and I could pretend I was gonna ask them that too. Only happened once, but for that one time I was prepared."

-Sax, excerpt from page 6 of Strategies for the Battlefield of Love


Starting off our list this morning, Raggeird is after your heavy metal fashion. Which suit of power armor suits your fancy? My money is on the T-60, took everything I loved about the T-45 and cranked it up to 11.

Next up, Blazing Sky is curious about the community's thoughts on remastering the classic Fallout titles. Several say they would be interested if such a thing existed, but then even more were worried that the execution would not be up to snuff. Better to just leave things be? Stop on by to help set the record straight.

In third is a rare occurrence indeed, a short fanfic is making its way into the top 3. Raider is here with the (supernatural?) tale of a pre-war serial killer to rival the tales of the pint sized slasher.

Runner up this morning is a modest question about modest weapons: just where are the hunting and handmade rifles? Community helped answer this one pretty quick, but if you see anything missing, I'm sure that 8459 would appreciate the advice.

Toping the charts tonight is a picture worth a thousands words...those words of course being "only for speech purposes" over and over and over again. Sure, sure. Of course. Right.

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• 18h


I love the fact that you can sleep with Vault 21 Sarah and Red Lucy at the Thorn.
Who's your favourite?
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• 22h


Is there a weapon or armor effect that makes you do more damage the lower your health?
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• 1d

Hypothetical battles- 6 (Dogmeat vs Rex)

Ok, the last battle was unique in the sense it turned out to be a 'draw'. Yeah that's right, the score ended 3-3. Legate Lanius, would rip apart Graham with his blade, but there's also a reason, why they call Graham the 'Burned Man'. Like always, good points were maid for either side, but in the end, the battle concluded in a stalemate.

This battle, is a recommendation by a fellow wikian, by 'ThatRainingRaider'! I really liked this idea and am pretty sure it will make way for an interesting discussion. So, thanksth againth Raiderth.
(Speaking of which, feel free to leave down ideas for future hypo battles, and if I like them, might consider putting them up like this one)

So, it's the two best dogs in the wasteland wanting to kill each other in a dogfight. That turned uneasy quite quickly... but anyway, it's Dogmeat, the lovable dog we know and love right from the first Fallout game and through the years, VS Rex, the robo dog we equally love from Fallout NV. Both are known to be formidable companions in battle and are everyone's best friends in the wasteland.

Looking forward to what this turns out to be.
[This post may result in the entire wiki being taken down, so be wary]
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• 1d

The False Ranger

While in the East, the pint-sized slasher was cutting his way to popularity, a less known serial killer was making it's way across the country. I present to you...The False Ranger!

In the year 2042, The False Ranger's history started with a missing girl and a few teenagers. In a currently unspecified part of a forest in California at a campground, a girl at the age of 9 went missing. Park rangers searched for close to a month using advanced military technology but found nothing...

At the same campground two months later, a group of three teenagers ranging in age from 14-17 were messing around later in the night. Rumors had been spreading across California about the missing girl from before and the boys were interested. At approximately 9:00 PM, they went off deeper into the woods.

They saw a flashing light in the distance and went to check it out. There they found a flickering flash light laying on a rock facing them. One of the kids curiously turned around and saw a man in a park ranger outfit. They park ranger called out to them in a deep, raspy voice and asked if they were lost while walking closer to them. The kid said no and the ranger replied they shouldn't be out late at night.

Then the park ranger pulled a long blade from his belt and walked into the light. The kids didn't see a face, they saw a white porcelain mask under the ranger hat. The ranger lunged at the oldest kid and slashed the blade across his throat and then swung it at the other boy's face opening a large gash across his cheek. The youngest boy held up his hands as that large blade swung at him. The phone in his hands slipped out as the kid felt a gush of liquid across his fingers. Not bothering to look, the kid ran away as fast as he could.

About half an hour later, a park night ranger came across an unconscious and bleeding boy. It was the only surviving kid. The boy awoke in the campground clinic later the next morning next to his parents and the ranger who found him. When questioned, the boy said it was a park ranger in a dusty and well-worn ranger uniform with a white mask and a long dagger.

Later, a mixed group of police and park rangers escorted the kid to where he was attacked. They found no bodies, blood, or the flashlight that lured them into the trap. But they found the younger boys phone with a large gash across it. It saved part of the kids hand as it took the main slash across its screen.


Over the next 30 years, people young and old have gone missing with the few survivors all saying a park ranger with a white mask using a flash light and knife. A total of 89 people have gone missing without a trace, 6 others had escaped an all told the same story. There was never any evidence to suggest it was murder.

In 2074, a park ranger was confronted by this False Ranger around sunset. When the serial killer pulled out a blade, the park ranger, having heard the stories of the False Ranger, fired two .44 rounds into the killer. Police arriving later confirmed it dead and tried to remove the mask to no avail. The heavy porcelain mask was fused to the things face. But a bullet round chipped part of it and there was heavily scarred and burnt skin beneath. The body also seemed to be undergoing rapid decomposition. However all attempts to perform an autopsy or removing the mask released in gases from the body fatally poisoning the scientist and doctors. Eventually after 2 dead doctors, and 4 others very sick, the US government ordered the body to be burned in an incinerator.

But in 2075, 9 more missing people reports came in and so did 2 different survivors claiming it was a ranger with a mask using a flashlight and a long knife...


Hey guys! Hoped you liked my little fanfic here. It was kind of rushed and I usually spend 2 days on fan fics. Criticism is appreciated, but this isn't part of a consistent series.


Your local raiding raider.

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• 1d

Good people

So I was just on a minute ago when someone dropped my a power amour chassis and some t60 pieces and the day before that someone gave me a space suit and bottle and cappy shirt and nuka cola shirt out of nowhere. Please share anytime someone did something for you or gave you something
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• 1d

Morgantown High School

I actually go to the real Morgantown High School! It's pretty cool to see it in a game, despite how...inaccurate it is. It was nice that they thought to put it in though! WV is probably the most overlooked state in the country so it's cool that they used it as the game's setting.

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Fallout 76 lever action rifle and handmade rifle

What level do you have to be to get a lever action rifle and a handmade rifle
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